AWCP Community Services Grant Application

Thank you for your interest in applying for a donation of funds from the American Women's Club of the Philippines (AWCP).  AWCP grants are not limited to any one type of project.  In the past, AWCP funding has provided school scholarships, sponsored surgeries, and medical treatments, purchased needed medicines, supplies and equipment, and has provided assistance in the repair, maintenance, and building of facilities.  Our policy and guidelines are as follows: 

    1. AWCP grants cannot be used to promote any specific religious or political viewpoint.
    2. Grants are intended to be supplemental, and should not relieve the organization of their responsibility to provide on-going assistance.
    3. Requests for grants in the event of a major disaster should take the form of projects with long-term benefits.
    4. All organizations receiving grants from AWCP must supply receipts of the expenditures and documentation that the project was completed.
    5. All grant recipients must complete this application form.
    6. Previous support from AWCP does not guarantee future financial support.

For the application and further instructions on how to complete, please use link below:

AWCP Grant Application

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