About Us

The American Women’s Club of the Philippines (AWCP) is a social organization who help:

      Welcome and assist newcomers and their families to the Philippines

      Foster members’ knowledge and understanding of our host country

      Create opportunities for our members to enrich their experience living here through community service charity projects

AWCP History

When Ann Murphy, wife of the American Ambassador, arrived in Manila in mid-1978, she was surprised to find no club solely for American women. She, together with other enthusiastic, talented and hard-working women, organized and brought into being the American Women’s Club of the Philippines. Their first meeting was held in early 1979 and on April 23, at the Makati Sports Club, the constitution was adopted and officers were elected.

Since its inception, the basic organization of the AWCP has not changed, though it has been enriched and expanded through the efforts of its diverse membership. The original goals of assisting newcomers and offering a meeting ground for American women are still part of the Club’s mission, but the Club also supports the local population through its community service projects.

Through the years, American women and wives of American citizens continue to establish new friendships as they work together to make AWCP stronger. We are an inclusive organization and welcome expatriate newcomers to the Philippines from all around the world. Each year, new activities are added and our involvement in the Filipino community increases.

We are indeed fortunate to be part of such vibrant and productive organization.

AWCP Meetings

Our quarterly meetings offer opportunities to meet other members for socializing, to enjoy learning from a variety of guest speakers and to keep updated on the latest club activities. Come and enjoy a cup of coffee while spending the time with friends old and new. We host two luncheon meetings and two morning merienda meetings throughout the year. During every meeting you can look forward to a charity raffle!

Community Service

AWCP has supported a variety of charities throughout the Philippines during our existence. We are proud to be able to lend support to charities who offer education and housing for children, medical missions, sustainability projects, livelihood missions and more. We have assisted in building schools, supplying books for libraries, offering shelter for those in need, donating basic toiletries to those without, and much, much more.

Activities for Everyone!

We have a great variety of weekly and monthly activities which appeal to almost anyone! We offer tours throughout the city and country, a monthly book club, social lunches all around Manila, Coffee Mornings to meet new members, holiday parties for your children, weekend social events, game nights, a golf group and more. We have something for all tastes and activity levels. 

Please see calendar of events for upcoming meetings and activities.

Our Facebook pages are full of up to the minute information about AWCP.  For general information and updates about AWCP please visit our public Facebook page below.

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